Sigma Speedy Services was established in 1995.

28 years of excellence and persistence made Sigma a well-known company of international freight forwarders

Sigma always tries to adapt new and advanced ways to keep customers satisfied and pleased as this is the priority mission.
Offering phenomenal air, sea, warehousing services with maximum speed and utmost security have always been our way to distinction in the field.

This company was built by two ambitious businessmen that fell in love with this line of service.
They both shared a tremendous amount of passion to deliver the world.

Giancarlo Riva was one of the main founders of FER, Fischer & Rechsteiner, international freight forwarders.
Giancarlo was looking forward to opening a business in Lebanon.
Claude Sleiman, current managing director of Sigma was in his 20s when his drive and energy triggered the late Giancarlo Riva to take a big step.
They both built a partnership based on aspiration and dedication which gave birth to a company called Sigma Speedy Services.

After the late Giancarlo Riva, his son Riccardo Riva took over the partnership. With the help and trust they shared with each other, Sigma grew stronger each day to charter an important place in the current market.

We have also been partners with Logwin for almost 20 years, sharing trust and work relations. Logwin Logistics has about 190 locations in 36 countries worldwide; a company famous for its global operations and defined procedure.

The company designs, organizes, and monitors the supply chain of the air freight, sea freight, and land transportation.

Our partnership is dedicated to give out the best services and rates.

We have become important members of FOR network where Claude Sleiman, our managing director, is on the advisory board. Our continuous solid efforts always make a difference by putting the world within your reach.

Being leaders and experts in worldwide sea and air transport, we have many loyal customers that we now call family. Their reliability and commitment in our services is definitely what keeps us going.

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